APPS (1)

  1. Little Thinking Minds 

An Arabic digital level reading platform. Has resources for babies, toddlers, school kids and adults. It is fun, colorful, interactive and educational. Check out their website and download a couple of their apps to get started. It is sure to get you thinking.


2. Memrise

Customize your Arabic Language learning experience with this app. Choose from a wide range of applications with the app. Go for a Basic Arabic Vocabulary course or my personal favorite “1500 Arabic verbs by frequency” course. One other interesting feature about this app is that you can set a daily goal for learning and the app lets you track and achieve that. What you waiting for… Rise and start memoRising!



3. Asaafeer (مدرسة عصافير: قصص اطفال)


A wonderful, to the point app with lots of stories and vocabulary building sub modules. If you are looking for a creative story board for your toddler or as a beginner student in Arabic, this app does justice. Personally have learnt a lot from the stories (with audio reading at the back). Give wings to your Arabic Story Time.

Asaafeer App




  1. Arabic Language Transparent Blog

Just like the name suggests, it makes all hard concepts transparent enough to understand and grasp. If you have been learning Arabic or seeking a practice resource to improve your “comprehension , “grammar”, “listening” and everything else under the shams. This is the place to be. It is almost shameful if you do not know about this blog yet. Pause browsing facebook and get a taste of this transparency.


2. Little Maysoor

logo little maysoor1.jpg.png

Ever heard of dolls that speak Arabic? Look not further, a plush website with plush toys for learning Arabic. Ideal for kids aged 5 -9 yrs. Apart from learning products, they are also in the process of producing excellent kids animation content (To be offered for free and at premium rates in the future). Have a look at their first video. The Arabic conversation is clear, easy and impressive. Can’t wait for more!

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Kids Animation Video – Have you prayed yet?