What type of FUN D’MENTAL are you?

Learning Arabic is an ongoing journey. At no point do you feel you have learnt enough. The more advanced one gets in linguistics and grammar, the deeper the sea of Arabic learning gets. For one gets equipped with more tools to explore and have fun with.

Given the fact that we are all learners, as learners the perception we have with the language varies. It is a Marketing to Sales conversion path that we will be looking into . Yet, as Arabic learners I would read that as different fundamental states to be in.  Have a look at this funnel before I elaborate.
funnel words

As students of Arabic Language, our learning, motivation, discipline and the level of progress we made have a huge impact in determining our state.

The state of Awareness, where we feel incumbent on learning this language, and are consciously aware of this fact. Perhaps contributing a thing or two in spreading awareness may also be a part of this state.

The state of Consideration, where we have taken our awareness to a different level. Of involving elements from our surroundings to contribute towards our learning. A comparison between types of classes or learning methodologies might be a major thing at this state. You are willing to test and consider different options just so that you can succeed.

The state of Conversion, is when you have taken up a resolve to raise awareness among the less likely segment. Moving beyond awareness, your state insists you to make everybody who is mildly interested to take the first step in the learning journey. Not only spreading the enthusiasm but also creating fellow learners in the process.

The state of Loyalty, is true devotion to the art, science and philosophy of learning. No matter how hard you hear it being, or experience it to be, you are down right dedicated to making the journey meaningful for yourself. At the same time, you prefer your private space and learners mind to succeed without really imposing your opinion on those around you.

The state of Advocacy, is what makes the language transition from one generation to another. The state that is anything less than dynamic. An ounce of awareness and loyalty combined in this state to make a true advocate of the Arabic Learning Journey.

Learning, teaching, motivating are all important aspects of being an advocate. So what type of fundamental are you? Share your views below and inspire others 🙂

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