Step 5: Final Equation – Geared Up

You have made it to Step 5! Congratulations

So far you have reasoned as to where to start. Assessed what your journey is going to be about. Decided on your fuel tool to keep you going on this journey. Also, have gained a better perspective on your learning style which will make it easier for you to work on your strengths.

step 5

 Now we come to the final equation. Summing these above variables to get mentally geared up.

It would be highly recommended to make a note of your customized plan before you take the next leap. This will ensure confidence and a much needed resource to look back at when the going gets tough. When you lack motivation, you look at what your journey is all about. Are you providing the right amount of fuel. Is there enough fuel to begin with or has it dried up in monotony and boredom.

You can take many  learning style quizzes online to help determine your learning style. If that does not give you a reasonable answer, then try asking somebody close to you. Perhaps your mom, sibling or best friend.

The equation is laid out for you. The ball is in your court to balance out. How much weight has to be given to each variable, decide and add along. By weight I mean time and energy, Once you have figured that out, you have yourself a ‘GEARED UP” situation.

A pat on your back and a big step forward in your Arabic Language Loving, Learning and Living journey,



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