Bilingualism with Arabic – a poem

We want to learn Arabic, just enough

to be able to read

To know the dumma, kasra, fattah

The very basic joins in need

Sometimes we read with a presence of mind

Very careful and clear

At times it is a blurred up sight

Reciting with no mind or fear

We read, read and read

In whispers or aloud between lines

Yet, just enough

To be able to read, barely recognizing the signs

We say we want to learn Arabic, one day

Someday when we have time

To understand that what I am reading

Until then I care not, nor cringe at my lazy crime

We want to be able to communicate

Without shame or grave mistakes

And let those vocabulary words flow

Hopefully a useful make

We try, but not quite enough

To achieve excellence in what we try

A read just enough

Fluency never a dream we strive

Why can’t we be proficient

And do a bit more than just enough

How many a times have we aspired

Bilingualism in Arabic, that kind of love


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