Momtrepreneurs Speaker Series

For all moms,

Who take time out of the day to work towards their dreams
PICTURE- Momtrepreneurs Speaker Series 1
Workshop 1: Bismillah Babies

Location: UAE (May 2, 2017)
Title: Productivity vs Efficiency. Where do we draw the line?

Download PDF here: Productivity vs Efficiency – Transcript



All it takes is motivation they say

The key ingredient to learning and excelling in languages. Yet, despite having valid reasons and resources we have been lagging in our understanding of the Arabic Language. Threatened by several factors, dwindled by insecurities of the mind, giving up far too soon.

Perhaps it is the lack of resources or lack of time or lack on interest. Perhaps it is a combination of the above. Perhaps you will never know because you did not try hard enough.

If you have ever thought of embarking on this journey and did not know how you will go about on your own,

<<لا خوف >>

Maybe you were unable to read that. Maybe you read that as (LA KHAUFU) but did not understand it. Also exists the possibility that you cannot write it. How does it spell out ? Is there a way I can understand its meaning (Do not fear) without google translate.

We all come with varying capacities when it comes to this beautiful language of Arabic. Yet, we rarely if ever acknowledge its beauty and our connection to it through whatever little piece we hold of it in our hearts.

Here at Arabically, we wish to beautify and gather every person who holds a piece of this language to come join the celebration!