Reigniting the art of storytelling, through rich Arabic literature and children’s’ story books.  Join in the world of imagination. Make the words come alive, dance to the rhythm of words weaved by the story teller. There is no better way to grow in love with a language.

 “We cannot create a world we can’t imagine and stories are the engines of our imaginations.”

– Josh Stearns

Upcoming Events – 2020

Join us for LIVE ARABIC circle time sessions with your little ones.

Date: Mondays, 4pm – 4:30pm (UAE time)

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Arabically Parent Courses

As non-native speakers of Arabic trying to teach our children Arabic at home does get overwhelming. Some do not know where to start, while others have had several attempts at teaching the حروف (Letters) but are left wondering on how to move to the next level.

If you have attended our Summer Arabic Playdates, workshops or online circle time sessions, you have had an exposure to the variety of rhymes and crafts we use to teach and inculcate the love of Arabic. Based on research, this course is a database of rhymes for beginner learners and for parents who want to take charge of their child’s learning.

Let us keep up the spirit of learning Arabic in their young hearts by giving them the best. Yet, to know what is worth your time and energy, as parents we need some guidance. This beginner course does just that. It has a preview section for those wanting to try its features.

The beginner bundle includes:

  • Access to 5 rhymes + lyrics in Arabic
  • Resources to move beyond Alif, Baa, Taa
  • Parent Training Videos prepared by team Arabically (Based on Applied Linguistics Research at a Canadian University)

The Beginner Bundle is currently priced at 36 AED/10USD/14CAD

Past Events:

August 2, 2017 – Ottawa, Canada

لا تنس الاشكال (Do not forget the shapes)〽️🤹
The children at Arabically’s first ARABIC STORY SESSION in Ottawa couldn’t stop singing this. While secretly learning it